Sea fishing at Baltimore, Skate Alley
Big fish action off Baltimore, a renowned centre in Ireland for shark and common skate fishing
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Sea fishing at Baltimore

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 Baltimore has some of the most varied sea fishing in Ireland, both in terms of the number of species and the types of fishing available, which include shark, common skate and wreck fishing, as well as excellent general sea angling.

The Gulf Stream brings sharks and other warm water fish to within a few miles of the coast, where reefs and rock pinnacles alternating with areas of sand or mud provide an ideal habitat for a wide range of species. Scattered throughout are numerous wartime wrecks.

Our species tally stands at over fifty, ranging from familiar angling species like cod, pollack, conger and ling to more unusual ones like blue whiting, greater forkbeard and long-nosed skate. Visitors from warm seas include albacore, stone basse and skipper.

It goes without saying that unwanted fish of all species are returned carefully to the sea. We also play an active part in the skate and shark tagging programme.

Shark fishing Blues are the most plentiful species of shark and are often encountered within a mile or two of land. Catches of ten or more in a day are quite possible. Fishing is usually on the drift but can be at anchor. In either case, it can be combined successfully with fishing for other species. And as well as blues, there is the chance of a porbeagle or even the rare six-gilled shark. We have caught all three to well over 100 lbs (45 kg). The shark-fishing season normally runs from mid-June to early October, depending on weather.

Wreck fishing yields all the typical wreck species—coalfish, pollack, conger, ling and cod. Other species turn up at times, such as haddock, anglerfish, flatfish, even common skate. We fish wrecks on the drift and at anchor, according to conditions. Baltimore wrecks include the largest in Ireland (the 160,000 ton Kowloon Bridge), as well as dozens of wartime wrecks. The nearest of these is just two miles from the harbour. The offshore wrecks, in particular, have been the scene of some spectacular catches in recent years.

Common skate Baltimore is one of the main centres for common skate fishing in Ireland. Large skate are taken regularly within a short distance of the harbour and specimens of more than 200 lbs (90 kg) are not uncommon. It is quite normal to take several common skate in a session. Our current record for one day's fishing is 17 skate, including eight over 100 lbs (45 kg).

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Note Currents are not strong off Baltimore but the water is deep. 200 ft (60 m) is common while offshore wrecks are over 400 ft (120 m) down. So quite a bit of lead, perhaps 24 oz (680 g), may be needed for bottom fishing, especially if you are using mono line. The depth also makes bite detection harder (though braid is a help). As the sea bed tends to be rough with pinnacle rock and coral the chance of snags and tackle losses is high, even away from the wrecks. This combined with the possibility of really big fish means that Baltimore is perhaps not an ideal venue for beginners. That said, reasonably quick learners have nothing to fear and hopefully plenty to gain.

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